Saturday, April 7, 2012

Episode 3: The One Finger Salute

This week's episode kicks off our "Month of Monroe" with It Waits, House of 9 and Wyvern. We also discuss some upcoming remakes and some really weird news. Come and play with us!

Steven R. Monroe
Dolls of Despair
Dreamin' Demon
Texas Frightmare Weekend
Horrorhound Weekend
Fear Shop Horror Podcast
Bill Oberst Jr.


  1. Ladies (I was raised in the South so it just seems rude to call you bitches,) thank you for the shout-out re The Dolls Of Despair and my very unlikely stint as their Delicious Dude Of The Week. Your site here looks great - Fearshop Mike was awesome to help you with it. Female horror fans need a louder voice. Keep kicking ass, bitches (oops sorry it was just too tempting to resist) Bill

  2. Thank you for the kind words Bill!!
    Sup Morbid! Hope you enjoyed the podcast ;-)